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Breast Cancer is impact on both men and women

It is important that young men and women are aware of breast cancer and don’t let fall underneath the radar. Young women often do not consider themselves to be at risk, about 7% of all breast cancer cases are diagnosed as women under the age of 40. The Young Survival Coalition reminds us that breast cancer can strike at any age and the lower incidence of disease is of little comfort to the more than 250,000 women living in the United States who were diagnosed with breast cancer. Detection of cancer in younger patients may be more aggressive or less responsive to treatment in some cases; those who are diagnosed at a younger age are more likely to have a mutated gene to begin with.


It is important to preach early detection and remind men and women to get mammograms annually. The American Cancer Society recommends annual screening beginning at age 40. Why not under the age of 40 though? It is pointed out that because breast tissue tends to be denser in young women, mammograms are less effective as a screening tool, but self-exams are a good way to screen yourself for abnormalities.


It is also important to know that breast cancer is an issue for men as well. According to the American Cancer Society, in 2011 more than 2,100 cases of breast cancer were diagnosed and about 450 men in America died from breast cancer. Although it is a small percentage, men should still be as aware as women. The National Weather Service reports that there are annually 39 deaths per year from lightning strikes, with people being more alert and aware naturally. With 450 men dying from breast cancer, men are more alert about lightening strikes even with a lower death rate? Be alert. Be aware. Spread awareness about breast cancer to everyone including men!



Winter Coat Drive Benefitting El Pueblo Adolescent Treatment Community

We are having our annual winter coat drive benefiting  El Pueblo Adolescent Treatment Community. The boys and girls from El Pueblo Adolescent Treatment Community are mostly teenagers and will be happy to receive the coats from our donators. El Pueblo is a behavioral healthcare community serving the needs of at-risk youth and their families through a continuum of care.

The Pueblo campus, which sits on 57 acres, includes a Youth Support Centereleven therapeutic cottages, a fitness park and a reflection park, clinical services, a recreation center, a dining hall, Donegan Hall, a softball field and multi-purpose recreational field, an agricultural building and maintenance facility and a horse arena.

So look into your closets for any coats, gloves, hats or scarves you can donate. Contact us for more information.



Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Support Breast Cancer Awareness this month by wearing pink!