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MRIs Changing the Face of Medicine

With so much of the brain being a mystery, it’s a wonder how many doors the functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) process as opened.

The pictures measure brain activity by measuring the blood flow and any changes that may occur. Thanks to this technology, we can better understand thought, the connection between brain and mind, as well as investigating psychological abnormalities.

To read more about the effectiveness and history of MRI machines, check out the blog from Medical News Today.

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Less Invasive Ways to Determine Alzheimer’s Disease

Once someone’s memory starts getting foggy, most people think of one thing: Alzheimer’s. However, doctors know that frontotemporal lobar degeneration (FTLD) shares similar symptoms.

The time spent differentiating between the two is spent with painful, invasive tests that usually delay treatment for a quick-developing problem. Symptoms include confusion and forgetfulness as well as warps in personality and behavioral traits.

The most common diagnostic procedure is a lumbar puncture. This includes sticking a needle into the spine because the cerebrospinal fluid gives the most readable information.

Now, however, an MRI method is able to cut cost as well as the invasiveness of the procedure. The article even links to a Finnish study that cuts the diagnostic time in half.

The MRI worked to predict a ratio of the biomarkers that the lumbar punctures detect, and the study found that the MRI predictions were 75% correct.

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