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Medical Marijuana May Be Dangerous for Children


More children are coming into the hospital for unintentional ingestions since Colorado legalized marijuana in October of 2009.

Medical marijuana has high tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content, more so than recreational use. The medical marijuana is also often distributed as candy, beverages, and baked goods.

It’s easy for a child to get their hands on a cookie.

But it’s that carelessness that led to more children (ages 8 months to 12 years) seeking emergency medical attention for the ingestion, and parents are not admitting to the marijuana use because of the stigma attached to it, so their children suffer.

The THC in the marijuana causes:

  • Stimulation of cannabinoid receptors
  • Stimulation with hallucinations and illusions
  • Sedation

Some pediatric doctors are unprepared for the cases that flood their ERs, as usually children wouldn’t even have access to marijuana at all, but now anyone can find pot-drinks/brownies/candies/cookies pretty much anywhere.

Doctors need to get educated and explain to the parents and the young people the effects of ingesting/smoking marijuana whether or not it is legal, and this needs to be done clearly and often. There are also questions on how to prevent this from happening in the future, by making changes such as child-proof containers and warning labels.

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