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It’s Black Friday!

There are two types of people that emerge on Black Friday. The first one was up and at the stores by 1 a.m., pushing and shoving, reveling in the competitive and oftentimes not particularly rewarding shopping madness. They’ll spend five to ten hours standing in lines, crowding into dressing rooms, and squabbling with other shoppers just to get that one perfect discounted item, and they won’t regret a second of it!


The second type of person has chosen to take Black Friday as an opportunity to embody a sloth. They’re passed out in bed or on the couch, their stomachs still full from gorging themselves the day before, wrapped tight in the embrace of a full-on food coma that’s likely to last the remainder of the day. They’ve spent weeks looking forward to this moment and planned accordingly. Black Friday is their day for recovery, their day to do literally nothing, and they intend to do just that.


Whether you’re spending the day clawing some stranger for a pair of boots or simply choosing never to leave your bed, it’s ok. We approve, and we’re right there with you. Today we’re taking a break too, and we’re loving it. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the day with family and friends, no matter how you choose to spend it!


Yes, People Really Ask These

Whether they’re showing up for a CT or an MRI, people always have a ton of questions for us, some of them normal, some of them not. Over the years we’ve served a lot of different patients, so we’ve had the opportunity to hear some pretty hysterical questions. Here are some of our favorites.

1) Am I going to turn into a radioactive spider? People always get a little freaked out when it comes to drinking the contrast before procedures. They want to know exactly what weird side effects they might experience, whether it will make them radioactive, and how they might be different afterwards. Unfortunately we can guarantee that you won’t develop spidey-senses because of the contrast. It’d be kind of cool though, right?

2) Is this machine a transformer? We get it. Whether it’s an MRI or a CT machine, they both sound and look like they’re straight out of a Transformers movie. And hey, it’s kind of cool to feel like you’re getting your brain scanned inside Optimus Prime. Don’t get your hopes us, though, it’s highly unlikely that your machine will turn itself into a corvette that you and Megan Fox can drive off into the sunset in.

3) Can we switch to anything besides Dubstep? We can admit it, these machines make some REALLY strange noises. They hum, they beep, they rattle, they vibrate. It pretty much feels like you’re at a bad Dubstep concert when you’re inside the machine. Unfortunately we haven’t figured out a way to make them mimic more relaxing classical music, yet. I’m sure someone out there is working on it, though. Until then, try to enjoy the free show! Just remember, fist pumping isn’t recommended.

4) Why does the contrast make me feel like I’m going to pee my pants? Honestly, we really have no explanation for this. It’s just one of those really weird things that it does. Just let it happen.

5) Be honest. How many times have people actually peed their pants? For privacy’s sake we can’t in good conscience disclose this sensitive information. We’ll just say that it’s definitely happened and leave it at that.

Getting a procedure done can be scary, but don’t let that get the best of you! Embarrassing things happen, whether it’s a silly question that you ask or an embarrassing moment you experience during the scan. Make the most of the situation and don’t forget to laugh at yourself like this woman did