Monthly Archives: February 2015


A Cause That Matters

There’s a misconception out there that people only care about things that relate specifically to them; that because our center focuses on specific procedures, that that’s all we care about…but it’s not. As much as we love talking about MRI’s or similar procedure types, we realize that it’s only a tiny part of the much larger picture that is “general health/medicine”.

As members of the health and medical industry, we have a higher obligation to raise awareness about a variety of different topics that aren’t necessarily our traditional “beat” but are equally important. As much as we want to raise awareness and inform patients about the procedures that are relative to our facility, we also want to dedicate a significant portion of our time to highlighting other health-related things that people are struggling with.

February 22-28 is National Eating Disorder Awareness week, and it’s a week that we feel deserves a lot of attention. According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa & Associated Disorders, almost  24 million people in the US alone suffer from an eating disorder, and of those 24 million only 10% receive treatment.

National Eating Disorder Awareness week was developed to highlight the seriousness of eating disorders and increase the public’s awareness of the causes, triggers and treatments of the disease in the hopes that this would encourage early intervention and detection for those struggling.

This year’s theme was “I Had No Idea”, and it focused on the fact that most of the signs and symptoms of eating disorders are overlooked by people. Eating disorders are incredibly difficult to battle, and almost everyone knows someone who is affected by them.

NEDA week is almost over, but just because the week ends doesn’t mean the problem does. We hope this topic is something you’ll keep in your mind long after this week comes to an end, something you’ll continue to work towards putting an end to.


X-Ray Videos that Fascinate and Revolt

When we think about x-ray technology, we picture it being put to use in practical ways. We visualize images of broken bones, be it a leg or a pinky finger, and then our minds begin to wander. We don’t think about the variety of things x-ray technology can show, or the way that normal events can be turned into extraordinary, beautiful images when viewed through the lens of x-ray technology.

Check out some of these eye-opening videos below, which depict a number of different ordinary and extraordinary scenarios seen through, for lack of a better phrase, x-ray vision.

Like this man playing the trumpet.

Or this stunt artist slipping a hook through his nose and out of his mouth.

Or this x-ray of a dog drinking water.


National Wear Red Day

Today is National “Wear Red” Day. On the first Friday of every February, people around the US are prompted to break out every piece of red clothing they have tucked away in the closet, from the most vibrant shades to the lightest pinks. Why do they do this? I’ll give you a hint…it’s not just because they love looking like sun-ripened tomatoes.

In 2003, the American Heart Association teamed up with the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute to raise awareness and fight heart disease, the #1 killer of women. As part of their campaign against such a prevalent disease, National Wear Red Day was created. Now in it’s 12th official year, National Wear Red Day is a day for everyone out there, male or female, to show support and spread awareness about the fight against heart disease.

Since the campaign began, thousands of women have made positive steps in their personal lives towards combating heart disease, including basic things like making behavioral changes, making dieting changes, monitoring their cholesterol, exercising more often, keeping their weight under control, etc.

We’ve come a long way over the years, but why stop now? So get out there, be bold, spread awareness, and wear red!