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How Standing Jobs Hurt

What’s better for your overall health? Sitting sedentary at a desk all day, or working a job where you spend at least three quarters of your working day on your feet? It’s a trick question. According to the most recent studies, they’re both terrible for you.

There have been tons of studies about how prolonged sitting at work is bad for you, but very little research has been done on the other side of the spectrum: jobs that require you to stand all day.

Maria Gabriela Garcia, currently working towards her doctorate in the Department of Health Sciences and Technology and ETH Zurich in Switzerland, recently took it upon herself and some colleagues to research both the short-term and long-term health implications for people who work “standing jobs”.

For the study, they recruited men and women in two separate age groups and had them simulate standing work for periods lasting about 5 hours at a time. The participants were given a brief sitting break lasting no more than 5 minutes, as well as a standard 30-minute lunch break.

Upon completion of the simulation periods, researchers measured muscle fatigue, postural stability, and assessed the discomfort and long-term fatigue of each participant. Results showed that even with regular breaks, the participants suffered significant long-term fatigue following their 5-hour simulated working day.

The results were even across the board, with young participants experiencing just as much fatigue and soreness as workers over the age of 50. Even after a 30 minute seated recovery time, the tests found that most participants were still suffering from long-term muscle fatigue, whether they realized it or not.

According to the CCOHS, the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety, working in a standing position on a regular basis can lead not only to fatigue and lower back pain, but can also cause other health problems such as sore feet, swollen legs, varicose veins, stiffness in the neck and shoulders, and may eventually contribute to musculoskeletal, disorders and back pain.

“In a well-designed workplace,” they admit, “the worker has the opportunity to choose from among a variety of well-balanced working positions and to change between them frequently. Even in jobs that require workers to remain standing to carry out tasks, seats should be provided in any case to allow them to sit occasionally.”

If there’s anything these studies show, it’s that it’s crucial for employees, regardless of whether they work a standing job or a sitting job, to find ways to switch up their working positions throughout the day. It’s a simple thing to do, and it’s one that can go a long way towards positively impacting your health. You can read the full research results here.


Staff Spotlight: Introducing Katrina

If you’ve been in our center sometime during the last week, then you’ll know that we’ve got a new addition to the already-awesome staff here at Open MRI of Pueblo! Last week we were so excited to welcome Katrina Marquez onto our staff!

Katrina’s taken up the role as Patient Coordinator, which means you guys are going to get a lot of face time with her! Get excited, because she’s a ball of fun and we’re sure you’re going to love her! We knew you’d want to know a little bit more about her, so we took some time to ask her the questions I’m sure you’re dying to hear the answers to!



Surprise Summer Facts

Summer is in full swing! It’s easy for us to get caught up in all of the health-related issues that are prominent in the summer…we could talk about sun screen prevention or breakthroughs in melanoma research until school starts back up again, but we sometimes forget that that’s not always what you guys want to hear about. It’s nice to occasionally step back, take a break from the medical topics, and talk about something a little more fun and carefree!

So, in a break from our usual content, here are some wacky fun facts about your favorite time of the year: summer. Don’t worry, we couldn’t help but sneak in one or two health-related facts!



Happy 4th of July!


Tomorrow is July 4th, one of the best days of the entire year! It’s the day we declared our independence from Great Britain, the day that we—the citizens of the United States of America—finally became a nation. Essentially, it’s the reason for that “Amurica!” pride we all hold dear.

Yes, tomorrow is the 4th of July, which means today most of you are either celebrating a day off work, sitting in the slow beach crawl traffic, frantically shopping for last minute supplies before you begin prepping for tomorrow’s party, or elbowing people aside at the local fireworks stand in a desperate attempt to snag the last sparklers.

We understand all of these things…we’ve done all of these things. This year, though, our challenge to you is to at some point, sometime between the parties and the fireworks and the picnics and the beach trips, find a few hours to just sit back, actually relax, and be thankful for the life you’re living right now, the freedoms that you have right now, and each and every opportunity available to you. Because without July 4th none of these things would be possible.

That being said…enjoy your holiday! Laugh often, party hard, enjoy each and every moment. We’ll see you next week.