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MRI Technology Can Detect Cancer!

mri technology can detect cancer!The medical community is constantly making way for newer and better ways to assist doctors as well as patients. So, we have great news for you! There is a new technique in magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs) that scan the patient’s entire body, which means doctors can now see where the patient’s bones may be affected by cancer. Not only can they scan for cancer, but they can even document the spread of the cancer and if the cancer is responsive to treatment. It sounds like magic to me!

MRI technology can detect cancerBecause of this new technique, we can start to decrease our bone marrow biopsies in patients with myeloma (cancer in the blood cells in bone marrow), which is a painful test that doesn’t always yield the extensive results we need. Sure, a biopsy can show cancer or not, but it can’t always measure precisely how it has spread, so patients will often need to undergo multiple painful biopsies to determine the severity of their cancer.

The research for the full-body MRI scans was funded by the Institute of Cancer Research and Cancer Research UK.

“The research found that the new MRI scan was more accurate in documenting the spread of myeloma – and whether the patient was responding or not to treatment – than existing test. And not only is the new scan more accurate than conventional tests such as biopsies or blood tests, but also it is faster – with doctors being able to view the results immediately.”

The research had 86% of cases where the doctor could use the scans to correctly identify the patients that had responded to treatment and 80% of cases where patients did not respond to treatment.

96% of cases allowed doctors to correctly gauge any water restriction in the tissue based on scans.

“With the new scan, doctors are able to detect cancer in almost any bone in the body, with the exception of the skull. The skull is a difficult area of the body to visualize in MRI scans, often due to metal dental implants and fillings.”

They’re research continues as they look for more subjects in their study to refine the details, but they hope to see this tool extend the life of myeloma patients. If you’re currently needing an MRI or have any questions about what our offered services are, contact us at Open MRI of Pueblo. We would love to hear from you!

You can read the details of the study here.


Road Trip Games: How to Keep Busy in the Car


It’s everyone’s favorite day of the week-Friday! If you’re getting away for the weekend, whether it’s just a thirty minute drive to the park or multiple hour long car ride to another town, we’ve got your back. Car rides can easily get boring if there isn’t anything to keep everyone active and engaged–staring out the window and listening to the radio can only last for so long. So, we’ve compiled a list to make sure you have an amazing road trip filled with laughs.



1. 21 Questions

Everyone has played this game at some point in their life. It’s endlessly fun and can take up a solid chunk of time. Simply think of something (an animal, person, place, etc.) and let the games begin! Everyone keeps asking questions to try to figure out what you have in mind. Whoever guesses before 21 questions wins!


2. Punch Buggy Game

Keep your eyes peeled and if you see a punch buggy, you can punch the person next to you. You have to shout out “Punch Buggy” before the other person. If there aren’t many punch buggies around you, go ahead and pick any model car you want and play that way. You might get a sore shoulder!



3. Singing Competition

Have everyone decide on one song the group likes and turn it up! You can do this one of two ways: take turns singing or sing as a group. Belt your lungs out and see who wins! Most likely no one will be a Christina Aguilera, but that will make this game a lot funnier.


4. Alphabet Game

This one can be really tricky, but it get’s addicting and you won’t want to stop until you’ve conquered it. You start with the letter A and say any word that begins with A, like apple. The next person goes and has to repeat apple, then come up with a word that begins with B. This keeps going and you have to remember each word until you get to the end of the alphabet. Try this one, you will be busy for a while!


5. I Spy

This one is a classic! You have to choose something in the car, for example the yellow air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror. You have to start with “I spy with my little eye…” and fill in a clue. People have to keep asking “Is it big?” “Is it small?” Any yes or no questions until they figure out the mystery. It’s super fun and keeps everyone on their toes.


At Open MRI of Pueblo, we want you to have an enjoyable weekend. If you’re simply driving to the grocery store, the park, out of town, or even hours away, there is always a game to keep everyone having fun. Car rides don’t have to be boring! Remember, it’s Friday and we want you to get out there and have fun! Tell us about your travels, we would love to hear.


New Study: Can Exercise Cure Cancer?


We’ve all heard that exercise is good for our health and well being—stress relief, weight loss, dopamine induced waves of happiness, etc. But, what if exercise could be a major treatment to cancer? We’re serious. This isn’t a gimmick to try and trick you into exercising. According to Medical News Today, a new study revealed that exercise can actually reduce the growth and size of a tumor.


Scientists noticed that mice that spent their free times running on a wheel demonstrated a 50% reduction in tumor growth and size. They had previous knowledge that exercise improves functionality and outcomes in cancerous patients, but this observation spurred a study that would specifically hone in on the adrenaline rush experience by high intensity work-outs.


Senior study author Pernille Hojman, of the University of Copenhagen, and her colleagues decided to inject tumorous mice with adrenaline to replicate exercise’s effects on these mice. They noticed that their natural killer immune cells, which regulate tumor size, began to infiltrate the bloodstream which eventually leads to the tumor. So, exercise releases adrenaline which allows NK immune cells to float freely in the bloodstream and make contact with the tumor.


This isn’t just a freak incidence. In order to verify this finding they decided to have mice that didn’t produce NK cells work out at the same level of intensity. As it turns out, the tumor was unaffected and kept growing. The adrenaline induced NK cell was the cause of the tumor’s reduction in size.


Can you believe that exercise can actually reduce the size of a tumor? How inexpensive and amazing is that? The study is just the beginning and researchers have more work to do in order to figure out more specifics and ensure that humans will respond the same way that the mice responded, but this is an incredible finding. You can read more about the study here.


Super Easy Valentine’s Day Treats!

Valentine’s day is typically filled with exchanges of boxes full of chocolates, but it doesn’t have to be it. This year you can switch things up and make some homemade delights. There are so many different recipes that are quick, tasty, and cheap. Whether you want to bring in some cute treats for the office, surprise your Valentine, or have a bonding activity, these are the perfect recipes for you. What’s a good Valentine’s day without some goodies?


Rice Krispie Cupcakes

Not only are these adorable, but these are extremely tasty. The rice krispie cupcake is topped off with vanilla icing and a strawberry gummy on top. There’s a little surprise ingredient—strawberry cake mix. This give this treat the perfect kick. Here’s the recipe!


Red Velvet Cheesecake

Red velvet is perfect for Valentine’s day considering the bright red coloring. This treat will make your taste buds happy and it isn’t difficult to make. In fact, this is a no-bake recipe! Can this get any better? Try this amazing recipe out and have a tasty Valentine’s day treat.


Chocolate “Cake”

This is the ultimate easy no bake chocolate cake. That’s right, no bake! If you’re a chocolate lover and have a crowd to please, this is exactly the recipe for you. This is a rich treat and one slice will be more than enough. You can infuse this recipe with espresso and allspice if you’re interested. Bring your appetite and try it out here.


Peppermint Bark Hearts

This mouth watering treat is perfect to snack on. These mini hearts are covered in white chocolate, m&ms, and sprinkles. Not to mention, they’re adorable! This is perfect for to surprise a loved one or to just snack on! Try this adorable recipe here.


Bring your appetite, print out one of these recipes, and get to baking! If you’re heading to a Valentine’s day event, you will be the life of any party if you show up with these in your hand. If you’re wanting to share a fun filled, cheap activity with a loved one, this is great, too. All of us at Open MRI of Pueblo wish you a Happy Valentine’s day!


Why You Might Need an MRI After Disney


Disney World is a magical place where anything can happen. Whether it’s seeing your favorite princess come to life, battling with space aliens, seeing ghosts in a haunted mansion, or even flying on a magic carpet with Aladdin, Disney is the place to be to make your dreams come true. However, things aren’t always rainbows and butterflies at this park…here’s a few reasons you might be making a trip to see us at Open MRI of Pueblo after your visit to the famous Disney World.


Your leg was crushed by stampeding tourists.

We’ve all seen that family that just can’t wait their turn and those people that bulldoze over whoever is in front of them. People can get pretty pushy when the only thing standing between them and their favorite ride is a group of people. Little girls especially can’t be stopped when their favorite princess is waving at them to come take a photo. If you run into a family full of pushing and shoving, you should make sure you don’t have any broken bones after those encounters! Things can get pretty crazy.

You spun yourself right out of the teacup.

Nausea isn’t the only thing you can get from taking a whirl on the infamous spinning teacups at Disney World. When you’re spinning round and round, it can be hard to hold on tight. If your one of those people with sweaty palms and you just can’t hold on, you might go flying off the ride! If you fling off one of the seemingly innocent teacups, chances are you’ll probably need an MRI or an x-ray.


The pick-pocketing pirates got a little too pushy.

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride may be a slow one, but that doesn’t take out the danger from this adventure. Jack Sparrow is known for sneaking up on Disney go-ers and stealing your spare coins when you’re not paying attention! Sometimes these pick-pocketing antics can be a little pushy. If Jack Sparrow sneak attacks you on your ride, you should get an MRI just in case he got a little too pushy.

The Tower of Terror got way too literal.

The tower of terror is meant to be terrifying, but what if it isn’t just a ride? I know one of my biggest fears is a malfunctioning elevator. If you’re one of the unlucky ones that steps on this ride and a power outage happens, hold on tight! You might be needing a trip to visit us after a fall like that.


If this magical place left you with some hurting bones, come visit us at Open MRI of Pueblo to get an MRI and we’ll get you back on the right track. We promise we will handle you with care, especially after your crazy, magical adventure at Disney World. We would love to see you!