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Have a blast and help your health this summer

Have a blast

Summertime is all about having fun in the beautiful weather that the season provides us. Sometimes having fun can mean relaxing, and unwinding, and other times this fun can turn into lazy habits. We all know that we want to relax in the summer, however this doesn’t mean we can ignore our healthy routines. By de-stressing in a healthy way, you can ignore the habits that lead to an unhealthy body. Have your summer fun all while benefitting your body, learn how:


  • Lay in the sunshine

The most ideal way to de-stress is sitting by a pool with the sunshine soaking your body. By laying outside instead of being cooped up in doors, you are providing your body with essential vitamin D. Also, breathing in the fresh air can give your lungs a break from the stuffy indoor air.


  • Go on a bike ride

A little movement never hurt anybody! By exercising you are allowing your body to get the movement is needs to burn fat, and clear your mind. Just being outside can make your endorphins run wild. Try biking on a local bike path or journey to a part of town you haven’t been too, it’s fun and gives you a chance to see your neighborhood.


  • Meditate outside

Being outdoors is one of the best cures for the work week blues.  Meditating is a simple way to get in touch with your body and relax. It doesn’t take the same effort that exercise requires, but it does take some focus. Try it for 10 minutes a day and you’ll see the stress melt off.


  • Take a dip in the pool

While you are laying by the pool take a couple minutes to dive in. The water will feel refreshing, and while you are in there try and swim a few laps or walk in the shallow end. Doing pool exercises is so good for your body and it will feel good be in a cold pool after laying out for a while.


  • Shop at a farmer’s market

There are so many foods that are at the peak of freshness over the summer. Buy these fruits and veggies at your local farmer’s market, it’s usually cheaper than a grocery store and will benefit your community.


Healthy habits should never take a summer vacation. By implementing some of these healthy habits over the summer, it can keep you in good shape for when fall rolls around.















Relieving MRI claustrophobia


The MRI machine…one over-sized tube that chirps, squeaks, buzzes and hums loudly to signal the giant magnet that is circling around the small compartment of the tube where your head is located. Sounds like a blast, right? Wrong. If you’re even remotely claustrophobic, an MRI machine can be a patient’s worst nightmare. Thankfully, we’ve done some research and come up with some ways to help you relieve your claustrophobia before and during your MRI procedure!
1) Consider drug therapy. This is only appropriate for extreme circumstances where a patient believes that their claustrophobia will legitimately keep them from completing an MRI procedure. Drugs should be temporary, used only for the procedure, prescribed by a doctor and also approved by the facility doing the MRI.
2) Think about herbal remedies. There are a lot of natural herbal medicines that help ease the anxiety caused by claustrophobia. Two of the most effective herbs are passionflower and kava. These can be taken as tablets or capsules, or used in teas and tinctures as well.
3) Use various relaxation techniques. If you start to panic, breathe in through your nose for ten seconds and then exhale through your mouth for ten more seconds. Continue the pattern to help slow your heart rate. Try to think about happy or relaxing things while you’re in the MRI machine as well. Our centers also allow you to listen to music during your procedure, which is a great distraction for patients and can help keep them feeling calm and relaxed.
4) Have a friend in the room. If you’re feeling nervous, it always helps to have someone in the room with you. Our technologists are always available to sit with patients during their procedures, to hold their hands, or even just to keep up conversation with them during the procedure.
5) Find an alternative machine. If you suffer from claustrophobia, it’s highly recommended that you have your MRI procedure at a facility that has open MRI machines. Rather than placing your head inside a small tube, open MRI machines provide much more space for patients. You can see the difference in the images below. The first one is a traditional closed MRI machine, the second is an open MRI machine.
At Open MRI of Pueblo, we understand how scary an MRI procedure can be for patients, especially for those who suffer from claustrophobia. It’s because of this that we chose to provide our patients with an open MRI machine rather than a closed MRI machine. Our staff is highly supportive, and will go out of their way to ensure the comfort of each patient as they undergo the procedure. Keep the tips above in mind when you head in for your MRI procedure, and don’t be nervous! We’re here for you.


Common pain killers killing more than pain


Nicole ReedWe all take various forms of anti-inflammatory drugs. These common painkillers (also known as NSAIDs) take form in our medicine cabinets as Tylenol, Advil, and other ibuprofen tablets.

Well this new study suggests that taking these medications actually puts us at a greater risk for heart problems. Taking 2,400 miligrams of ibuprofen (or 150 miligrams of diclofenac) daily increased the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and death by about one-third. That’s a lot!

Granted, 2,400 miligrams on ibuprofen is about 240 Tylenol pills, which translates to about 120 servings since most take 2 at a time. No one takes that much in a single day.

But still – 1/3 increase of heart attacks, strokes, and death? That’s scary! NSAIDs are also suspected of causing bleeding ulcers and other gastrointestinal issues.

Colin Baigent, with the University of Oxford, urges physicians to take (family) history of heart problem into account when suggesting medications.

“Because NSAIDs sometimes are a crucial part of one’s quality of life, the more we understand about dosing, duration and risk becomes important so we [can] determine which is the best choice—especially for patients with heart disease or those who are at risk,” says expert Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum with Lenox Hill Hospital.

The analysis was conducted on 353,000 patients. For every 1,000 patients, 3 had avoidable heart attacks (after taking high doses of NSAIDs for the duration of a year). One of those heart attacks would be fatal.

While this research does open up a lot of questions, there is also no cause-and-effect relationship discovered. NSAIDs don’t necessarily CAUSE these problems, but it is surely something to keep an eye on. Further research will include the risk of lower doses, the effect of tolerance on the drugs, and residual effects if treatment was stopped. For more information on the study and NSAIDs, check out KOAA local news article here.


Cancer: The ABC’s

cancer abc's

One of the hardest things about working in the medical field is the constant exposure to people who are sick, hurting, or in some cases dying. It’s not easy to be around people who are hurting, to be around people who may be discouraged. It has to be even more difficult for people who work with terminal or high-risk patients.

It’s hard because sometimes there’s not much you can personally do. You see a person struggling and you want to help, but sometimes you just can’t. All you can do is try to encourage them.

We stumbled across this piece the other day, and we thought it was pretty inspiring. We know that there are a lot of people out there who may be struggling, who may either know someone or be suffering themselves from a serious disease like cancer. We wanted to put this out there as a source for encouragement, as a reminder that there’s still so much to look forward to; so much to be accomplished. With that being said, we hope this encourages someone out there.


Is an MRI more beneficial than a mammogram?



While detecting residual breast cancer, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is said to be superior to mammography. Studies show good overall accuracy with an MRI test.

The team compiled 44 studies, working with 2050 patients with 2068 cases of ductal carcinoma, stages II and III.

In summary, the MRI accuracy was 0.88, which is fantastic. While some may argue that the use of contrast in the photographs may cause a likelihood of false-positives, mammography was, in fact, less accurate. Furthermore, the accuracy of an MRI and an ultrasound examination were comparable.

Marinovich with the Journal of the National Cancer Institute states, “the comparative accuracy of MRI and combined ultrasound and clinical examination warrants further investigation.” To read more about these findings, the article can be viewed here.

For an MRI, visit the Open MRI of Pueblo, or call 719-404-0991. Their website is


Why sleep is the key to better health

why sleep is the key to better health     There are few things that humans absolutely need to survive. The three most basic necessities are food, water, and sleep. One of the most neglected necessities is sleep. We have all been there. Maybe you stayed out super late with friends, you were busy writing a paper all night, or that show on Netflix was more pressing than closing your eyes and drifting off to sleep. It happens to everyone. We as humans usually have so much to in our day to day lives that sleep is now an oversight in most of our lives. Nonetheless, even with busy schedules and other things, sleep should still be a priority. Sleep is one of the keys to a healthy life and aids in the benefit of vital organs and other bodily functions.


  Nearly 73% of Americans don’t get enough sleep, according to the Huffington post, and you can probably agree with this. Adults need to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night, and most struggle to get 6. With the fast pace of American lifestyle and the need to do more and more, people are letting their bodies run off inadequate sleep. However, sleep assists so many body functions that consistently not getting enough sleep is harmful to your body in various ways.


As a consequence of no sleep, your brain weakens. Sleep is good for memory and learning, it allows your brain to rest and grow stronger as you sleep. Not getting enough sleep can impact how well you do on tests and if you can remember and recall information.


On the other hand, sleep can affect your weight. If you are trying to lose or maintain your weight sleep is beneficial for this. Not getting sleep can alter your hormones that impact your appetite. As well as this, less sleep can mean a slower metabolism, meaning that your food will be processed in your body slower.


Additionally, sleep keeps your cardiovascular system in check. By not getting enough sleep, you could be increasing your stress levels, creating hypertension and hurting your heart. With heart disease being the number one killer of Americans, it is imperative to help your heart in any way that you can. Sleep is a positive way to start treating your heart with better care.


Furthermore, sleep also impacts your immune system health. Sleeping helps cells fight disease causing cells. Sleeping will help a cold go away faster than any medicine you can take. This explains why doctors always say to sleep whenever you are sick with something.


Indeed, sleep is needed for a better, healthier life. There is no doubt that sleep is required to be a functional person, but above all sleep can make you stronger and focused. If you are looking to feel happier, and be a healthier individual, change your sleep habits and strive to get 8 hours a night.



The right way to build your bones



the right way to build your bonesIn today’s world, most health information is focused towards losing weight, fighting cancers and building muscles. All though, these popular health topics are highly important to an overall healthy body, there is one part of the body that is often overlooked, with regards to strengthening them. It’s what keeps you standing up straight and is the frame of your entire body. Your bones! Building and strengthening your bones is important to overall health and wellness. By building better bones from a young age, you can prevent osteoporosis, which makes the bones brittle, and have a healthier frame for years to come.


  • Eat the right foods

Of course everyone says to drink milk for healthy bones. Calcium, the main bone builder in milk, can be found in other non-dairy products such as, almond milk, coconut milk and more. Other foods good for bone building are broccoli, low fat cheese, cabbage, soy beans, tofu, nuts and wheat. It is necessary to eat one of these foods everyday to keep up with bone health.


  • Exercise

Everyone knows exercise is good for various parts of the body. However, high impact, weight bearing and strengthening exercises are the best forms of exercise for the bones. Lifting weights or doing strength exercises are the best ways to build your bones.


  • Drink but don’t smoke

Another health testament that helps bones is to not smoke cigarettes. As well as this, drinking is ok for bones but do so in moderation. Beer and wine is the best type of alcohol for your bones.


  • Eat vitamin D

Calcium takes the throne as the best bone builder, but vitamin D is just as important in building bones. They work together to to absorb calcium to the bones. Foods with vitamin D include, shrimp, tuna, eggs, and orange juice.


  • Talk to your doctor

Get a bone density test from your doctor. If you want to know if your bones are healthy you need to start with this test, then is where you can make change and see if you are at risk for osteoporosis.


Your bones are some of the most important parts of your body. 3 in 5 adults over the age of 50 are at risk of breaking a bone, because of brittle and weak bone structure. Follow these tis to build better bones and never feel weak again.




The best cities to celebrate the 4th of July

the best cities to celebrate the 4th of julyAs the 4th of July slowly approaches this Monday, cities are preparing for the most anticipated holiday of the summer. Every city celebrates differently, small towns hold community parades and larger cities have spectacular fireworks displays. Some cities are better known for their 4th of July celebrations than others. If you’re near one of these cities you may need to take a road trip and experience America’s birthday in a whole new way.


  • San Diego

Military bases cover the southern California area; most people are tied to the military one way or another. With this patriotism comes love for the country that members of the military have done so much to protect. San Diego also has incredible weather and plenty of beaches for celebrating on.


  • Washington D.C

This is a no brainer. There is no better place to experience the birthday of our country than in our nations capital. Picnics, a fireworks show and more take place on the national lawn. There is no better feeling than being in such a historic town for such a historic day.


  • New Orleans

New Orleans is already a party town and on the 4th there is no other way to celebrate. Bourbon street is crowded with patriotic people awaiting more booze to be poured in their cup.


  • Denver

With great weather and family friendly attractions, Denver is a must see for the 4th. It’s not miserably hot and it nestled between a scenic mountain view. Take the kids and make it a vacation to remember.

  • Memphis

The epitome of the south, Memphis boasts some of the best southern comfort food in the country. Since, America founded southern comfort food, there is no better place to eat on independence day.

  • New York

Iconic for it’s fireworks display and hot dog eating contest, New York is one of the best places for a 4th of July blowout. There is so much to do in the city that is could make your head swirl. You can take the kids or have an adult only trip, go see a baseball game and then head over to Coney Island for a late night beach party.

  • Chicago

With a large parade and brilliant fireworks display, most tourists say there is too much to do in Chicago. Going to a baseball game or visiting the bean is the favorite of most 4th of July tourists.


Wherever you spend your 4th of July, it will be sure to be a blast! July 4th is all about having fun in the summer sun and celebrating the birth of our great nation. Have a happy 4th of July!