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Accidents Are Expensive: why being prepared for anything is the best thing you can do for your medical life in 2017



accidents-are-expensiveIt’s a brand new year, and for days people have been sitting down and writing out their resolutions for the next 12 months. Resolutions are an incredibly personal decision, but we strongly believe that everyone should have at least a few resolutions this year that are centered around bettering their health.

There are a lot of different things you can do to better your health and medical life in 2016, some more obvious than others. We believe that one of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to your health and medical life in 2017, though, is the following:

Be prepared for anything.

You’ve heard the story. Johnny’s going over his budget for the new year, and he’s run into a little problem. He usually tries to put $1,000 aside in his medical emergencies fund just in case something goes wrong, but his friends are planning an awesome trip to Bermuda this year and he doesn’t have the additional funds to go.

After weighing the pros and cons (margarita’s on the beach vs. spending the winter in Seattle…), Johnny says “what the heck!” and books the trip. He didn’t end up spending all of his medical emergency fund last year, and he hasn’t been to the hospital in what feels like forever. He’s in the best shape of his life, and he’s young. What are the chances he’ll even need the money?

Fast-forward two months and Johnny’s sitting in the emergency room after one of those tragic, you’ll-laugh-about-this-later accidents. He came home from work, tripped over McFluffles the cat and broke his leg. It’s ok though, he can just cancel his trip, right? Wrong. What Johnny’s friends didn’t tell him is that the trip is non-refundable, so he’s looking at 10 glorious days of “can you even get a swimsuit over that cast?” and “too bad you can’t come in the water with us” and “oh my gosh, I think you have a crutch tan!” And as if that isn’t bad enough, as Johnny sits with his cast in the air watching his friends splash around in the ocean or run down the beach, all he’ll be able to think about is the pile of medical bills he can’t afford to pay anymore that are waiting in his mailbox at home.

We all know someone who’s experienced a situation like this. Heck, that someone might have been us! And while Johnny’s situation may seem funny to the rest of us, it’s important to realize that this scenario is all-too-true for many people, and it’s not one you want to be in. Even if you think it’s going to be a great year for you medically, don’t make the mistake of not being prepared. Put aside that emergency fund, have a plan in place…do whatever you need to do to make sure that you’re prepared for anything that comes your way this year! You’ll thank yourself later.


The people who make Pueblo possible


the-people-who-makeIt’s Christmas, and during this time of the year Santa gets a lot of attention. He’s the guy in charge, he’s the one who delivers the presents and makes kids’ dreams come true. And while Santa’s great and everything, we think there are some people behind the scenes who deserve a little bit more attention: the elves.

Think about it. What would Santa really be without the help of his elves? They’re the ones who make the presents, who make everything Santa does possible. But they’re behind the scenes, they’re the people we don’t really view as particularly important or having a large role but in reality without them nothing would be the same. Nothing would function the way that it’s supposed to.

This Christmas, we wanted to take a little time and give a shout out to our elves here in the office. They come in many different forms: in the woman you speak with over the phone to schedule appointments, in the happy faces that greet you at the front desk, in our marketing rep who visits with referring physicians, in our rad tech’s who walk you through the MRI scan, and in our radiologists who examine and diagnose the results of each scan.

Our center is Santa, but without the help of our many office elves Open MRI of Pueblo wouldn’t be able to do what it’s here to do: deliver good cheer and the gift of health to patients throughout the Pueblo community.

So we’d like to say “Thank You” to each and every one of our elves. Thank you for the time that you spend each day in the office, thank you for the knowledge that you bring to our center, thank you for the passion you display for our patients and your dedication towards ensuring that each and every visit to Open MRI of Pueblo is a positive one. Thank you for your time, your effort, and for simply being you. We couldn’t survive without you!


Why outpatient imaging care is a better experience than hospitals


You may be asking yourself, “What is outpatient imaging care?”, well Open MRI of Pueblo is an outpatient imaging facility. Outpatient imaging care is a better quality experience than what you would get at a hospital, but let us explain ourselves a little better. We know we are probably a little bit biased on this subject, but it’s a fact!


Appointment scheduling/Waiting Time


Outpatient Imaging Center: You can make your appointment easily by calling us, we will fit you into the schedule at a time that works for you. Once you get to the facility, you will usually only wait, at a maximum, 15 minutes. You will fill out patient forms or have the option to fill them out at home before your appointment.


Hospital: You can make your appointment on the hospitals schedule, even if it inhibits your schedule. Once you get to the hospital, you could wait up to an hour, and have to fill out the patient forms at the hospital.


The staff


Outpatient Imaging Center: The staff is focused on you. They will never have an unmanageable overflow of patients patients and want your procedure to go by smoothly. It’s always the same staff, who care about your health.


Hospital: Staff has other patients, and other people to take care of. The staff at a hospital will be busier and try and make every appointment go by fast.


The price


Outpatient Imaging Center:  At Open MRI of Pueblo, we are partnered with SaveOn medical to provide out of pocket patients with the lowest prices. We also offer a plethora of insurances for patients who have insurance. All of our MRI’s have one low price, no matter what the procedure.


Hospital: Price can vary between procedure and types of MRI’s. Low prices for out of pocket patients aren’t really low prices. Patient could be billed for various aspects of the procedure; such as contrast of an MRI.


The quality of care


Outpatient Imaging Care: We utilize only the best MRI technology.  Our radiologists explain what is pictured in your results, and our staff will always be welcoming to you. They put your care first, always.


Hospital: Radiologists will leave it up to your referring doctor to explain what your results mean for your health. The hospital doesn’t put your care first, seeing as the hospital is so massive and has hundreds of patients to care for.


Comparing outpatient imaging care and hospital care, you can see who the clear winner is. In our opinion, outpatient imaging center care allows patients and staff to truly connect while hospital imaging care can make patients feel as though they are just another patient in a waiting room. Now you see the difference, make sure to make your appointment for Open MRI of Pueblo today!