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6 Things To Day Dream About During Your MRI

Add heading (1)For veterans and firs-timers alike, MRI’s can be boring. Whether you suffer from claustrophobia or boredom, finding ways to pass the time while in a noisy MRI scanner is easier said than done. If you are looking for ways to keep your mind preoccupied during your scan, we’ve got you covered with a few things to day dream about.

  1. Think about a treat

Since there is no formal pre procedure rules for MRI’s we always encourage our patients to treat themselves after their appointment. Whether it’s going out to eat or taking a shopping break. Think of what you’ll treat yourself with after your appointment.

  1. Make a to-do list

Strapped on time? Make a grocery list, a to-do list, or a gift list in your head while you are getting an MRI. It’s multitasking at it’s finest.

  1. Picture yourself at your favorite concert

Since we let you bring your own music to your appointment, jam out like no other while getting your MRI. Visualize yourself on stage, or in the crowd, either way it shouldn’t bother the MRI technicians even if you sing a little!

  1. Think about how much money you’re saving

Since we use SaveOn medical to give you the best prices on MRI’s we are saving you hundreds of dollars. If that isn’t something to dream about I don’t know what is!

  1. Be at the beach

Because we use open MRI technology you’ll feel so much more comfort than you would if you were in a normal MRI machine. You’ll feel so comfortable that you might mistake our office for a tropical sand beach.

  1. Or take a nap

If all else fails, just lay back and take a nap! We see patients do it all the time and we get it. So just drift off to sleep and we’ll handle the rest.

We hope these tips will help you stay distracted during your MRI scan. Our team at Open MRI of Pueblo is dedicated to making your MRI experience a breeze, so feel free to reach out to us with how we can make you comfortable. Your MRI will be done before you know it!



How To Finance Your MRI And Other Medical Expenses

How to Finance Your MRIThe healthcare industry is confusing enough, but hidden medical fees make it difficult for patients to understand the care they need and how to go about getting it all. Open MRI of Pueblo has always stressed price transparency with our patients, but paying for any diagnostic imaging procedure can be intimidating. We’re here to provide you with a few tips to help you finance your medical expenses.


Shop Around

Your first step should definitely be shopping around. Sites like Save On Medical can help you do exactly that. Save On Medical allows both insured and uninsured patients find the cheapest MRI price for our services. Be sure to consider your financing options before making a decision to ensure you’re paying the best price on your procedure.


But I Already Have the Bill

So what do you do when that bill arrives? How do I finance my medical bills? No one wants to have to take out a personal loan from their bank or anything, but luckily there are other options.


Check It First

Studies show that a large portion of medical bills contain errors that may charge a patient 50 to 80 percent more.  With almost half of  Medicare claims with errors, double checking your medical bill will ensure you’re paying the correct amount.



Many people don’t realize that medical bills are often negotiable. You need to talk to the right people – like a billing manager or someone at your insurance company – but it’s possible with some convincing that they will work with you on the fees. Many medical bills include intake/discharge fees, medication, doctor’s consultations, and anesthesiology in addition to the actual imaging procedure itself. Some of them may be willing to lower their cost, or your insurance company may be willing to pay more.


Ask for Help

You don’t need to go right to the bank to ask for help. Talk to the billing manager about a payment plan that works with you. You can also turn to crowdsourcing – ask friends and family to pitch in. If it’s for your health, they are likely to be able to chip in.


As always, we encourage you to push for transparency before the procedure or imaging scan. Be sure to do your research and follow these financing tips next time you are undergoing a medical procedure. Whether you are covered by insurance or uninsured, use Save On Medical to get the best price for your open MRI at our center.