7 Exercises To Workout Your Brain

Brain Exercises

You may exercise your body, but are you exercising your brain? Just as your body requires physical exercise to get stronger, your mind grows when you participate in mental exercises. You don’t just lose muscle as you get older – our brains lose atrophy. Meaning, your brain’s cognitive reserve diminishes and could result in memory loss. In honor of National Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, Open MRI of Pueblo is sharing 7 exercises that can help increase your brain’s cognitive reserve:

1. Read Aloud

Read and listen to books aloud with your child or a loved one. An alternative could be listening to an audiobook on the way to work. Brain imaging has shown three distinct brain regions lighting up when the same word was read, spoken, or heard. It also provides the opportunity to utilize your imagination and live in a different world for a moment.

2. Expand Your Vocabulary

A vast vocabulary correlates with a reduced risk for cognitive decline. You can break out the dictionary and index cards or sign up to take a foreign language class.

3. Take New Routes

When you drive the same way to work or school every day your brain switches into autopilot and gets very little stimulation. However, taking an unfamiliar route activates the cortex and hippocampus. You don’t have to do this driving. You could take new routes biking, running, or walking.

4. Test Your Memory

Create a list – it could be places you want to travel to or what you hope to accomplish this week – then memorize it. Wait one hour and then see how many items you can remember. For the best results, make the items on the list challenging.

5. Meditation

Surprisingly, meditation is one of the most difficult mental exercises. It is challenging to silence our thoughts since our brains process more than 70,000 thoughts a day. Meditation can reduce stress, improve memory, increase focus and attention, and can even reverse brain atrophy.

6. Adopt A Creative Hobby

Hobbies like knitting, painting, or pottery force your brain to focus. They also are a natural antidepressant and help protect against brain aging.

7. Take A Cooking Class

Not only will you learn how to cook some delicious new foods, but you will be utilizing almost all of your senses. Utilizing different senses – taste, touch, and smell – works out different parts of the brain.

At Open MRI of Pueblo, we strive to keep our patients happy and healthy. Incorporating these activities into your life will enhance your intelligence, creativity, focus, and memory. These exercises can also decrease your risk of cognitive impairment or dementia.

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