Awesome MRI Experiments


MRI machines serve a highly practical purpose for people in the medical field. Through imaging, they can identify tumors, bone fractures, and measure brain activity. They’re relatively safe, pain-free, and don’t expose the patient to any levels of radiation. Most people view MRI’s as just a medical tool to determine injuries, but they’ve proven very useful in measuring all sorts of interesting things from a scientific standpoint. Doctors have been using MRI machines to experiment for years while monitoring a number of unique situations, and the results that they found are kind of cool!

Some of the most interesting experiments were ones that monitored brain activity or imaging while…

Musicians played jazz.

A woman gave birth.

Actors read T.S. Eliot.

Subjects played video games.

Animals were released into the MRI room.

Subjects had sex.

For each of these situations, the results were interesting and unique. During the experiment with the woman who gave birth, doctors were able to witness the whole internal process through the MRI imaging in extraordinary detail, allowing them to watch the baby’s head change shape throughout the birthing process.

In the jazz experiment, which was focused on musicians in regards of improvisation, doctors discovered that while improvising, some musicians are able to shut off the part of their brain that controls self-monitoring. The ability to do this enables musicians to carry on in their improvisation regardless of whether or not they make a mistake, and helps them not to be so consciously aware of how well they are performing.

Although we’re not quite sure how anyone came up with the idea to perform any of these experiments, we’re glad that they did! Studies like this help show how diverse the MRI machine really is, and the scope of things that it can be useful for. If you’re interested in reading more in-depth about the results behind these experiments, check out the article “6 Cool Things People Have Done Inside MRI Scanners”.

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