Community Health Improvement Plan

The Colorado Public Health Department is completing a Community Health Assessment as part of the Colorado Senate Bill 194 – Health Reauthorization Act.

The Colorado Public Health Department has offered funds to the Pueblo City-County Health Department to conduct this assessment of county-wide organizations promoting good health and how we can improve.

The process was five steps long, including taking inventory of what problems are at the forefront within Pueblo and which issues are we most able to fix.

“The two priorities selected to work on in Pueblo County include: obesity and teen & unwanted pregnancies.”

So, the Community Health Improvement Plan will be taking action against this issues, giving support and preference to organizations doing what they can to promote awareness and offer solutions.

This plan will also influence the Health Department in state-wide changes to promote a healthier Colorado.

“It truly does take an entire community working together to make a lasting impact.”

You can see the full article at the Pueblo City-County Health Department’s site, here.

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