Draft 2015: Medical Imaging Edition

It’s draft week in the NFL, and boy are we excited about it! Imagine our imaging center as a football team. It can be any time you want—the Bucs, the Broncos, the Patriots, the Cowboys…you name it! We want to know which imaging procedure you guys prefer, and we’re asking for your help so that we can fictitiously draft them onto our “team”!

This week we’re talking about our first potential draft pick, and next week we’ll cover our second one.

Potential Draft Pick #1: CT

Height: 7 ft.

Weight: 2.2 tons


Accuracy/Good at targeting. Accuracy is key when searching for a QB. It’s not enough to have Kaepernick biceps and a nice strong throw, you’ve also got to be able to hit the target. The same thing applies when it comes to medical imaging. Knowing there’s a problem doesn’t help at all if you’re not capable of specifically targeting where it is. CT’s are incredibly useful for this, used frequently to accurately pinpoint the specific locations of any diseases/injuries.

Quick. Not everyone has the luxury of a ridiculous offensive line. We can’t all bounce around for 20 seconds in the backfield waiting for the perfect opening like Tony Romo can. Most QB’s have to be quick, not only in their passing decisions but also in their ability to scramble. Time is precious, and you can’t afford to waste it. One of the biggest benefits of the CT machine is that the scan times are significantly quicker than MRI scan times, something that many patients value.


Bigger contract. Teams only have so much cap space, and sometimes they can’t afford to drop 50 million on one player, no matter how great he is. The same goes for our patients. Not every one can afford the higher price ticket of a CT scan, so in situations where either a CT or MRI scan would get the job done, they may choose to opt for the more affordable option.

Stay tuned to find out who our next potential draft is, and good luck with draft week! May the odds be in your team’s favor.

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