Health Researchers Want You To Eat Chocolate



Health researchers want you toJust in time for the end of Valentine’s Day! Health researchers WANT you to eat chocolate! So if you ate too much of it yesterday, fear not, you may be off the hook.


Dr. Georgie Crichton and his colleagues wanted to further document the health benefits of chocolate. Researchers found 968 people between the ages of 23-98 and had each participant fill out a survey that gathered information about their chocolate consumption. Their answers ranged from never, once in a while, to daily.


After collecting their chocolate indulging frequency, their cognitive function was measured through various tests—visual-spatial memory, organization, verbal memory, working memory, scanning, and tracking.


Once they gathered their data, it was apparent that those that ate chocolate once a week significantly out shined the cognitive abilities of those that rarely or never ate chocolate. The ideal chocolate eaters were not only significantly higher, but they outscored the other participants in every category tested.

Researchers were not surprised by the results considering that chocolate contains caffeine which increases alertness. Dr. Crichton noted that these positive effects are not specific to dark chocolate, it also applies to milk chocolate and white chocolate. While it’s obviously that over consumption isn’t healthy, it is perfectly fine to indulge once a week. Feel free to bring in some chocolate to your next MRI appointment, at Open MRI of Pueblo, we won’t mind.

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