“How Good Cells Go Bad”

Corey Neu at Perdue University recently combined an atomic force microscope and nuclear magnetic resonance system (MRI). Why? The fine detail allows the researchers to understand how individual cells react to different things.

The research began to try to understand what makes a cell metastasize to form a cancerous tumor.

The research focused on how the cells react, both physically and biochemically, to the environment. By focusing on the hydrogen molecules, the researchers collected plenty of data because of its abundance.

This study used an electric current passing through the cell, which exchanged electromagnetic radiation with the protons, and then a metal coil detected the charges. This is called “mechanobiology.”

This is the beginning of great strides in cancer research. If we can understand why cells make this initial change to start the disease, we can probably make changes to stop it.

To read more on the study, click here.

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