How Pueblo Saves You Money


How PubeloAt Open MRI of Pueblo, we aim to provide our patients with quality MRI care. While we know that overall imaging quality is of importance to patients, we also understand that pricing is a major concern. Did you know that you can save hundreds on your MRI at Pueblo? Yes, hundreds. Learn more about our pricing options and how you can save on your MRI.

How much are the MRI scans?

 All of our MRI scans at Open MR of Pueblo are $480!! That’s it. Our self-pay patients will always only have to pay $480 online for pricing. That saves you hundreds, if not thousands, compared to other MRI providers.

How do you make MRI’s so cheap?

Our little secret to keeping money in your pocket is our partner SaveOnMedical. SaveOnMedical is an online marketplace where patients can shop around for imaging procedures that they need. All you do is select the procedure you need, your zip code, and BAM, you have the lowest priced procedures listed in your area. You can find our prices on our website if you go to the homepage, scroll down, and on the bottom left is the SaveOn logo. Click on that and you can instantly see our prices on all of our procedures, and you can book your appointment right there.

How much do you really save me though?

Let’s take you through an example. If you go to our SaveOnMedical page by following the directions listed earlier, just select the type of MRI you want, and it will show you the typical price for that procedure, our price, and how much you would save. For an abdominal MRI at Open MRI of Pueblo, we save you $529. That’s enough to get another MRI at our facility.

Don’t pay less for poor quality MRI’s. You can experience our one of a kind MRI scanner and a unique imaging experience at an affordable price. Contact us for details about our cash pay pricing, insurance options, and to schedule an MRI!

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