If a Doctor Orders an MRI, You Need One!

Some patients suspected that physicians ordered MRIs so leniently because they were not aware just how much the patient was paying for it. However, Johns Hopkins researchers said no: “revealing the costs of MRIs and other imaging tests up front had no impact on the number of tests doctors ordered for their hospitalized patients.”

The problem is not that the tests are being ordered, it’s that the patients don’t understand why they are being ordered. Physicians are sure they need the information, so the patients think that they’re just throwing a line in and hoping to catch a fish, but that’s rarely the case.

When the physicians were made aware of the price of these tests, the number of laboratory tests dropped, but not imaging tests. Imaging tests like MRIs, CTs, and Ultrasounds offer too valuable of accurate information.

So if a physician orders and MRI for a problem, make sure to get one. They did not make that decision lightly, and it’s not something that can be put off for too long without consequences.

Better yet, call Open MRI of Pueblo at 719-404-0991 or visit our website for more information. You can read the blog that has more information on the subject and the John Hopkins study here.

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