If Your Doctor Tells You To Get An MRI, Get One


If your doctor tells you to get an MRI,Most of the time when something is wrong we tend to shrug it off, thinking it’ll probably go away. Then, it usually gets worse. Sometimes WAY worse. That’s when we take a trip to the doctor, or the walk-in clinic. That’s when the doctor orders an MRI. You’re confused. You’re thinking, ‘Why would I need an MRI, I’m probably fine’. Don’t do this. When a doctor orders an MRI make sure you actually get one. Here’s why:


You could have something seriously wrong

 An MRI is used to take a closer look at the inside of your body. A doctor wouldn’t order an MRI if you wouldn’t need one. A brain MRI could reveal a tumor, a back MRI could reveal a herniated disc, and an ankle MRI could reveal a broken bone. Whatever the case may be, there could be a serious problem going on in your body and you wouldn’t know unless you have an MRI.


If you’ve had a stroke or heart attack in the last two years

 Yeah you have been fine for years now, but if you have had a stoke or heart attack you might need an MRI. Strokes, and heart attacks, are serious health hazards. A doctor ordering an MRI could mean they want to take a closer at your heart or brain. This ensures that everything is healthy, and that you won’t get another one anytime soon.

Take it from us, get an MRI if the doctor orders one. We know that MRI’s can be expensive, that’s why at Open MRI of Pueblo we offer out-of-pocket patients MRI’s that are affordable. So if you need an MRI, make sure it’s with Open MRI of Pueblo.

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