MRI Safety Tips

While MRIs are completely safe, there are till certain things the patient can do to make the scan go as smoothly as possible. Some of the technologists in our office came up with five tips to have a safe MRI.

  1. Fill Out the MRI Questionnaire: Patients should fill out a screening form and ask the MRI technologist if they have questions. It’s important that patients go over the questions with the technician to make sure they understand what is being asked. Complete honest answers are essential when having a MRI. Details about any metal that may be in the body, including bullets, medical devices (like aneurysm, clips, stents or pacemakers) should also be shared with the operator.
  2. Remove Metal: Since magnetic metal poses such a risk in an MRI, it is essential patients and anyone near the MRI removes it.
  3. Use Hearting Protection: Make sure you and anyone else in the room with you are given proper ear protection and make sure it fits.
  4. Look for Open Doors: MRI facilities should be secure.
  5. Look for Wires: Make sure there are no unexpected wires or metallic objects like left over EKG sensors on your body. Some devices may be safe for an MRI, but others can be dangerous.



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