MRI: Why Bore Size Matters


MRI machines come in various bore sizes. The bore is the area of the machine where the patient lies down. Inside each MRI scanner is a very large magnet that varies in strength.  Different bore sizes can impact both the clarity of the scan and the comfort of the patient. To help you figure out which machine best suits your needs we have provided descriptions of different MRI machines.

Closed Bore MRI

Closed bore MRI’s typically have a diameter of 50-60 cm. This means that the opening where patients lay down in is super small. Most people who have a procedure done in a closed bore MRI machine say they feel really claustrophobic. Larger patients may not be able to fit inside a closed bore MRI machine. However, these machines have excellent speed and image quality.

Open MRI

An open MRI is open on three to four sides which is ideal for patients with claustrophobia. Some patients claim that it feels similar to lying under a desk. These machines have a greater amount of space than their closed bore counterparts, however, the clarity of images may be lower. This machine is best for examining extremities, like your knee or shoulder.

Wide-Bore MRI

The wide-bore MRI is a combination of both the closed bore MRI machine and the open MRI machine. It provides the space for an open MRI machine and has the high-quality imaging capability of a closed bore MRI machine. It also has a shorter procedure time when compared to the open MRI machine. The wide-bore MRI machine’s 70cm opening is ideal for larger or claustrophobic patients.

Open technology continues to improve! At Open MRI of Pueblo, our system is built with the concept of total comfort and relaxation at the forefront, something that isn’t often experienced in a standard MRI. The Hitachi Oasis Open MRI here in Pueblo, Colorado provides our patients with the peace of mind for a quality scan in a stress-free setting. You can request an appointment online today!

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