MRIs Helping Alter Sports Regulations

We all watch sports and think it’s cool when something bad happens. Viewers wait for a Nascar crash and an NFL sack, but these things, even things as simple as soccer heading, can cause damage to our favorite athletes. In fact, “At least 1.6 million sports- and recreation-related traumatic brain injuries occur in the United States annually.”

Dr. Michael Lipton and others at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University studied just how much heading is too much. They used their $3 million grant (awarded by the National Institute of Health) to find long and short term consequences.

They found that heading the ball at least 1,000 times in a year was more likely to lead to cognitive impairment and mild traumatic brain injury than players who headed less.

This serves as the basis for further research. The new study will gather 400 soccer players, male and female, and use an advanced MRI tactic to follow the participants over two years. This tactic is called diffusion tensor imaging, and some may recognize it from our previous article about helping our veterans (found here).

By completing this study, the safety guidelines for these sports can be altered to better protect its players. To read more on the topic, you can view the article here.

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