Spending for the Scoop

It’s no surprise that the healthcare market’s biggest problem is information transparency. People don’t understand the changes being made in the Affordable Care Act, so the benefits aren’t being taken advantage of to their full potential.

One of the biggest changes is the implementation of the new Health Insurance Marketplace – a way for individuals to shop around and compare insurance plans to easily decide on the right plan for them.

Colorado is doing their best to educate its residents.

The Colorado health insurance marketplace, called Connect For Health Colorado, “was one of the first to start organizing its exchange two years ago.”

The more than $21 million spent on marketing and advertising puts Colorado standing eight in the nation for spending to promote the Affordable Care Act.

While this may seem like a lot, the efforts are absolutely necessary. Colorado has more than 700,000 uninsured residents. They all need to find plans by January 1st or they risk federal fines. The Connect for Health Colorado plan can help them find the best plans.

To fully understand what the healthcare marketplace is, check out our friends in NY’s blog: Rosetta Radiology, or take a look at the original article from 9 News.

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