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How To Thank Your Doctor


How to (1)This week holds a holiday that means a lot to the medical field. National Doctor’s Day of course! National Doctor’s Day is a day to celebrate and appreciate doctors all around the country. Doctors do so much for the individual patient, communities, and the world as a whole. If it weren’t for doctors we would all be dead. With such a prominent position in the community, it can be hard to know how to show your thanks. Here are a couple ways how you can thank your doctor.

  1. A thank you note

If you’ve been seeing a doctor for a long time now make sure to send a thank you note. It’s a courtesy that tons of people don’t take advantage of. Thank you notes have been overlooked in recent years, and I’m positive that your doctor will appreciate it.

  1. A letter

A nice heartfelt letter to your doctor would be more than appropriate especially if you have been with the same doctor for quite some time. Also, if you went through any traumatic disease, or had a really bad injury where you were constantly seeing the same doctor. Writing a letter expressing how much you appreciate them helping you through this stressful time in your life.

  1. A gift

Some sort of small token of appreciation would show our doctor that you really care that they are there for you. Something small such as a gift card, a bouquet of flowers, or something you know about them personally like a round of golf. There’s no need to get your doctor anything huge, they don’t practice medicine for the gifts they do it to help patients.

Now that you know how to properly thank your doctor, make sure to make an appointment with Open MRI of Pueblo. We have the best radiologists, an ACR accredited facility, and the lowest prices in the area. Call to make an appointment for an MRI today at (719) 404-0991.




Big news At Open MRI of Pueblo

We’ve got big news here at Open MRI of Pueblo! We’ve officially added an on-site radiologist to our team, and we couldn’t be more excited! Dr. Sean Takeuchi is coming to us from Kearney, NE, and we’re so happy to welcome him!

Dr. Takeuchi received a medical degree from George Washington University School of Medicine, and has been in practice as a radiologist for over 19 years now. He has a specialty in Radiology and a subspecialty in Abdominal Imaging, and he’s going to be a great addition to our center!

With Dr. Takeuchi available, Open MRI of Pueblo will be able to perform any scan that needs contrast injections for Medicare patients, something we weren’t able to do in the past. While most insurances don’t require a radiologist on site for contrast injections, Medicare requires the center to have a Board Certified Radiologist on site…AKA Dr. Takeuchi!

Performing scans that require contrast injections for Medicare patients isn’t the only benefit Dr. Takeuchi will bring to our center, though.

“Having a radiologist on site is just so beneficial because if our staff has a question in regards to an urgent finding for a patient, they can consult Dr. Takeuchi. For example, if a patient told us they had some artifact in their body before they were scanned, we could ask Dr. Takeuchi if he’s MRI safe. He’ll be a great resource for our patients, our staff, and our referring physicians!”-Steve Medina, Marketing Rep

Because of his busy schedule, Dr. Takeuchi will be working at our center just four days out of every month, so his appointment book is sure to fill up fast. Make sure that you schedule your appointment in advance, and please join us in welcoming Dr. Takeuchi to Open MRI of Pueblo!