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4 Benefits Of An Open MRI


4Not many people know this but there are various types of MRI’s! How many may you ask? There are three different types of MRI scans, but in our opinion one reigns supreme above all others. Can you guess what it is? Open MRI of course! Here are 4 benefits of open MRI’s:


One of the main perks is that the sides of the machine are open. This allows patients to not feel closed in or trapped within the MRI machine. If you’re someone who is prone to feeling claustrophobic, this is extremely helpful and limits feelings of claustrophobia.

Less Noise

Getting an MRI is usually a noisy process. However, if you’re in an open MRI machine vs a closed MRI machine, there will be a significantly less amount of noise. In fact, closed MRI machines require earbuds to help with the excess noise.

Clearer Image

The wide design of an open MRI allows patients to be positioned in a way that allows for a clearer image. If a patient is positioned closer to center of the magnet, the image is much clearer. In a closed MRI machine, there isn’t as much variability which can limit the patient’s position.

Metallic Objects Interfere less

Many patients have had a previous surgery that left metallic implants in their bodies. These implants can affect the quality of the MRI in a closed machine due to high magnetic fields. Fortunately, open MRI machines have lower magnetic fields which allows these implants to interfere less with the quality of the image.

With all these benefits of an open MRI, why would you get any other type of MRI? At Open MRI of Pueblo, we put the patients first because we care about their comfortability. That’s why we use open MRI technology. If you need an MRI make an appointment with us today by calling (719)-404-0991.


5 Ways To Celebrate National Nutrition Month

5 ways to celebrate

Not many people know this, but March is National Nutrition Month! What does this mean? It means making choices that are better for our overall nutrition this month. In March we should focus on the importance of making better informed decisions about what we eat. Obesity has been on the rise in the U.S., and it contributes to a plethora of diseases such as, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. In honor of National Nutrition Month, we are highlighting 5 ways that you can celebrate and do good for your body in March!


  1. Read the ingredients

A lot of times we go through the grocery store mindlessly, just picking up whatever looks tasty and disregarding what the nutritional value is. Most people never look at the actual ingredients of a product. We challenge you this month to read the ingredients on everything you buy. This will show how much sugar, and how processed some foods that we frequently buy are. A good standard of what we all should be buying is that less is more. The less ingredients that are in something, more likely the healthier it is for our bodies.


  1. Eat meals mindfully

You have probably heard this before. What does mindfully mean? Eating meals mindfully means that you take time to actually eat food and listen to your body while you eat it. People frequently try and eat meals as fast as they can, it’s a mechanism that dates back to the cave men era. We try and eat as much as we can because back in the days of the cave men humans didn’t know when they were going to eat again. This isn’t true anymore. Try and take 10 extra minutes to sit down and eat each of your meals and you’ll feel fuller and more satisfied.


  1. Don’t drink soda

If you don’t know that soda is basically just a glass of sugar, then you know now. Just one can of soda can add over 150 calories and almost 40 grams of sugar, which is well over the daily recommended value. If you drink soda once a day, try and limit yourself to once a week. Instead try and drink fresh brewed tea, or fresh squeezed juice, but be sure there isn’t any added sugar.


  1. Don’t start a diet

You’re probably pretty shocked we would say this, but we mean it. Don’t go on a diet for a month, or a cleanse for a week. Make healthy choices 80% of the time, and your entire body will thank you. Research shows that dieting every now and then doesn’t help your overall health. By eating healthy choices 80% of the time, and eating junk in moderation is better than any diet that’s out there.


  1. Eat more protein

We all love our protein, but eating the right type of protein has a huge impact on how protein works in your body. Protein such as, fatty fish, eggs, lean chicken, and beans are the best types of protein for the body and will keep you fuller for longer. Proteins such as bacon, and lots of red meat are proteins to indulge in only 20% of the time.


With these tips you can make the most of National Nutrition Month! Remember, even though it’s only nutrition month in March we should all be striving toward better nutrition year round. At Open MRI of Pueblo, we put a huge emphasis on overall health. That’s why we offer the lowest priced MRI’s for all of our patients. Book your appointment today!