The best way to get psyched for your MRI exam


MRI exams are arguably the best imaging procedure in the entire diagnostic imaging world, (we might be a little biased). However, to the rest of the world MRI’s can seem like a drag. Most people ask us, why would you want to spend 45 minutes under a magnet that makes the loudest noise ever. Well, we think MRI’s can be amusing and we have developed a list of activities to get psyched for your next MRI exam.


  • Bring a music playlist

Whether you’re into rock, hip hop, or pop, bring a playlist that gets you excited. A playlist that we recommend is the one that you use to workout. This will get your heart rate going and make your endorphins flow. As a bonus, if you’re getting a cardiac MRI we will be able to see your heart beating to the music.


  • Use affirming words

The best way to get excited for your MRI is to use affirming words. We recommend telling yourself that you are going to have a great time, it will be painless, quick, and easy. These affirming words will change your mindset from being bored about your MRI to having a ball during your MRI.


  • Use a treat as an incentive

MRI’s are painless and need little to no concentration whatsoever. However, using a a treat such as, getting ice cream, or grabbing a yummy dinner after, can be a reward to go into your MRI with a happy head on your shoulders.


  • Think about the images of your body

An MRI in the end will only help you and your health in the end. So know when you go in that the MRI is preventing something from making you unhealthy. Also, the images of the inside of your body will be so cool you’ll want to frame them.


With these tips you can go into your next MRI being excited, and overjoyed that you get the opportunity to have an MRI scan. Need to make an appointment? Call us at Open MRI of Pueblo to schedule your appointment at 719-404-0991.





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