Top 5 Misconceptions About MRI’s

Top 5 misconceptions



At Open MRI of Pueblo, we understand that not everyone has a huge level of expertise with MRI’s. However, we do! We understand the in’s and out’s of MRI’s so that our patients don’t have to. Some common questions patients ask us are based on common misconceptions. So, we are here to clear up a few misconceptions about our favorite imaging procedure, the MRI!


  1. MRI’s use radiation

This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions about MRI’s. MRI’s are completely safe and will not increase your chances of cancer AT ALL. There is no evidence out there that concludes that MRI’s should not be used due to adverse health effects. MRI’s are safe and will not give you cancer. That’s the bottom line.


  1. All MRI scanners are the same

This is far from the truth. There are three types of MRI scans, closed bore MRI, open bore MRI, and wide bore MRI. At Pueblo, we exclusively use the open MRI scanners because it increases patient comfort. Patients with claustrophobia can use these open MRI’s because they are not enclosed, they are wide open so that the patient can see and move comfortably.


  1. If you’re pregnant you can’t get an MRI

This one’s a little tricky. The most common imaging procedure used during pregnancy is an ultrasound. However, sometimes if an ultrasound can’t see everything, usually because something is blocking the sound waves of the ultrasound, an MRI is used. With this, most doctors wouldn’t recommend an MRI after the first trimester of pregnancy. The key point is that you CAN get an MRI during pregnancy, but it is certainly not a doctor’s first route of action.


  1. People who have had joint replacement can’t get an MRI

With MRI’s it’s a requirement that all metal must be out of the scan room. This can cause concern for patients with joint replacements used with some type of metal. Keep in mind that the type of devices used for replacements do not interfere with the magnetic field of the MRI machine.


  1. Every imaging center provides the same quality care

Obviously this is false! Not all imaging centers and hospitals provide the same type of quality care that others do. At Open MRI of Pueblo, we put the patient first. That’s why we always answer any questions that are asked of us, we utilize open MRI technology, and we put patient comfort first and foremost.


Open MRI of Pueblo is proud to provide open MRI’s to all. We even offer affordable out of pocket pricing for our patients without insurance. As you can see, if you’re a patient at Pueblo you will be taken care of. Want to make an appointment? Call us at (719) 404-0991.


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