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The UltimateMany patients are confused about the differences between the various types of MRI machines. People at medical imaging centers toss around terms like “open” and “closed” and “wide open” and sometime assume that patients have previous knowledge about the differences of these MRI machines. However, many people have never heard the difference or simply can’t keep them straight! We decided to overview each machine so you have a quick source for future reference

What are the three types of MRI? 

There are three types of MRI machines: wide-bore, open, and closed. The term “bore” simply refers to the opening that the patient is placed in (it’s that tube you’re quite familiar with), and MRI types are determined by the size of the scanner’s bore.

Closed Bore MRI’s

Closed MRI’s have closed bores. Closed bores usually have a higher magnetic strength (somewhere between 1.0T and 3.0T), and a bore diameter of somewhere around 60 cm. Generally speaking the rule with MRI’s is that the smaller the bore, the greater the image clarity, so even though closed MRI’s are ranked lower for patient comfort, they’re definitely the best option if you need a high-clarity study.

As far as the other two types of MRI’s, this is where it gets a bit confusing, partly because machines with “open bores” and machines with “wide bores” are in many cases both referred to as “Open MRI machines”.

Open Bore MRI’s

The Open MRI bore is completely different from a closed. Instead of the bore being like a tube that completely encircles the patient, it has  two flat magnets above and below a large space where the patient lies. You’re not closed in, so if you’re claustrophobic or just enjoy having some extra space, then this is the MRI scan for you. We like to refer to machines with the open bore as “truly open MRI’s”.

Wide Bore MRI’s

Machines with the wide bore are what we call “sort of open MRI’s”, and they’re exactly what they sound like: a middle ground between open MRI’s and closed MRI’s. The wide bore is slightly larger than the closed bore, coming in at around 70cm, so patients get a little more space than they would in a traditional closed bored. Although wide bore machines are more “open” than closed bore machines, they still don’t provide patients with the amount of space necessary to classify as a “truly open” machine.

At Open MRI of Pueblo, we want to make sure you’re informed. It’s always a relief when medical information is broken down in simple terms that get straight to the point. We’re always here for your MRI needs. If you’re currently in need of an MRI, we offer open MRI services that are sure to fit your needs! Contact us here, we would love to take care of you.

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