What King v. Burwell Means for Health Care & You

Wednesday morning, Albuquerque Business First reporter Sal Christ shared that the U.S. Supreme Court had begun hearing arguments for the King v. Burwell case, a case that “challenges tax subsidies afforded to low-income patients who wouldn’t traditionally be able to afford insurance as required by the Affordable Care Act”.

The case highlights the claim that the ACA says tax subsidies are available to people who gain health care coverage through a state-established exchange, so if the Supreme Court choses to rule in King’s favor, people in 34 different states across the U.S. that don’t have state-run exchanges set up will lose their tax credits that help them pay for health care coverage.  The inevitable result of this would be millions of low-income individuals forced to drop out of government-mandated health care plans, something that would raise the insurance premiums for other patients.

Thankfully, Colorado is one of only 16 states that operates under a state-based exchange, so most of our patients shouldn’t feel the effects of the case decision either way. Our patients from the surrounding states like Wyoming, Nebraska, and Kansas may not be so lucky, though.

Although there’s not much that we as a center can do to keep the insurance premiums of our patients from these areas from rising as an after-effect from the Supreme Court decision if it goes in favor of King, what we can do is guarantee that we’re here to help.

If you are one of the many patients who will be forced to drop out of your health care plan due to a loss of these tax credits, we’ll do everything we can to provide you with the lowest self-pay costs in the area. We believe that everyone should have access to medical treatment, regardless of income level or insurance, so we tailor our prices to make them as affordable as possible for our patients.

If you want to know more about the details of the case or the ramifications for patients in various states, you can read the full article here.

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