Why are MRI’s more expensive than a CT scan?



It’s not a question that medical diagnostic imaging procedures can come with a hefty price tag. Some procedures can be quite a bit more expensive than others. One huge difference that some patients don’t understand, is the large price difference between an MRI and a CT. These two procedures both have their reasons for the high cost.


Breaking Down: An MRI


MRIs, which stand for magnetic resonance imaging, uses powerful magnets in addition with high radio wave frequency to produce images of the organs, tissues and the bones. MRI’s produce really clear images of abnormal tissues in the body. The average cost of an MRI can depend on where you are located but can set you back anywhere between, $500-$2,000.


Breaking Down: A CT


A CT scan, otherwise known as a computed tomography scan, sends x-rays through the body and can accurately develop images of the blood vessels. While a CT can also see images of the organs, and tissues, the images are not often as clear as an MRI. CT’s will set you back only a couple hundred dollars compared to an MRI which could be thousands of dollars. A CT costs on average $200-$800.


Why the difference in prices?


The explanation of the price difference of these two imaging procedures can be explained in the quality of the scans. MRI’s have a better, clearer image than a CT. This reveals why MRI’s can be thousands of dollars. As well as this, CT’s cannot see the bone as clearly as the MRI, while MRI’s are commonly used to examine injuries or broken bones.


MRI’s and CT’s have plenty of similarities, and are both respected tools in the medical community. If you are looking for an affordable MRI look no further than Open MRI of Pueblo. We offer low prices on MRI’s starting at under $500. Book your appointment by calling Open MRI of Pueblo at 719-404-0991.





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