Your dogs can get an MRI too!



We all love our dogs; they are man’s best friend. We love them so much and want them to be able to do everything that we can do. Now, dogs are able to participate in our favorite medical examination, an MRI!


The Study


A new study has used dogs as their main subject to see if dogs actually know what you are saying. The study even explored the way a person will say words can impact your dog and how they respond. The results that came from this MRI study were interesting, and determined that dogs can process information in the same way that humans can. Dogs use the left side of their brain, just like humans, to process information. They also use the right hemisphere, to separate words from the way someone says it.


How it worked


The study involved 13 different types of dogs, who were all instructed to sit still for minutes in order to take images of the brain to measure neural activity. A dog trainer was instructed to say words while the dogs were in the MRI machine. Words such as, ‘clever’, and ‘good boy’ were used. The MRI machine then recorded the brain activity of the dog and showed where the dog received the words in the brain, either the left, or right hemisphere.


The results


The results of this study were shocking, showing that when the dogs heard words that sounded like praises, their reward center in the brain lit up. This means that even just nice words used for when a dog does something good, can mean that the dog will interpret it as a treat.


Even though the results of this MRI study were surprising, the most surprising result is the fact that dogs can get MRI’s just like their human counterparts. Even though here at, Open MRI of Pueblo, we do not offer MRIs for dogs, we do offer MRIs for humans. If you need an MRI appointment contact our office at 719-404-0991.




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