10 Things To Look For In Your Imaging Center


10 things to look for in yourFinding an independent imaging center that fits all your medical needs can be tricky. Sometimes patients won’t know what to look for and will go to the hospital for their imaging needs which can be extremely pricey. We are here to tell you that going to the hospital for your imaging procedure isn’t your only option! Here are 10 things to look for in an imaging center to optimize your experience.

  1. Price! You price shop for cars, clothes, shoes, vacations, furniture, well you get the picture. So why not shop for your radiology service and save an extra thousand dollars then go buy one of the things previously listed with the money you save. Check out www.saveonmedical.com to save up to 80% on your imaging procedure.
  2. Location!  Maybe it’s close to home or maybe it’s close to shopping.
  3. What’s the turn around time? Will your doctor have images and results the same day, next day or will it take a week.  Just remember a happy doctor means a happy patient, and the quicker the doctor has your results the faster they can fix you.
  4. Parking! With us you can park by the front door and walk in. No elevator, escalator, or long hallways.
  5. Interpreter!   No se preocupe por traer un traductor, tenemos uno en el lugar.
  6. Smiling Faces!  Who would want to go to a location that doesn’t make you feel welcome.  Instead of feeling like the person at a restaurant waiting for your light to flash and vibrate, come to us and we’ll be your friend.
  7. Open or Closed – There are different types of MRI machines, make sure you choose the one that “fits” you. Do some research and look a the difference between an open and closed machine.  Heck come on in to our office and we’ll show you our open.
  8. Office environment – Can you watch TV while you wait, read a book or magazine, help us vote on our contests.
  9. Flexibility –  We will work with you and your schedule, make your appointment early or late.
  10. 10. Certified Staff – Make sure you have the ability to ask questions to someone who can answer them properly.

Now you can see, all of these make for a quality imaging center. At Open MRI of Pueblo, we can provide you the best imaging experience, so make an appointment today! Call us at 719-404-0991.


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