5 Relaxation Tips For Your Next MRI


5 relaxation tipsAt Open MRI of Pueblo, we take the comfort of our patients seriously. That’s why our MRI machine, the oasis, is an open MRI machine that is specially used for comfort. However, we understand that some patients can still be highly uncomfortable. For some patients, it’s a brand new procedure and can cause feelings of anxiety. That’s why we compiled 5 of our best relaxation tips because the comfort of our patients MATTERS.


  • Picture yourself being relaxed

Close your eyes, sit back, and think about yourself in the most relaxed state. This helps patient who are worried about being in an MRI machine. Picture yourself at the beach, or laying in a hammock, and it will surely put your mind at ease.


Take long careful breaths during the procedure. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. This should take about 10 seconds to take one complete breath. This will help clear your mind and alleviate feelings of anxiety.


  • Take a musical detour

In order to accommodate our patients, we allow you to bring your own music. Our staff understands that patients have their own preferences in music which is why we encourage patients to bring playlists into the office. Listening to your own music will feel familiar while being in the MRI machine and can help calm additional nerves.


  • Plan something for after your appointment

It helps to plan a little activity for after your appointment. It can be going to get ice cream, treating yourself to shopping, or just taking the rest of the day off. Having a little reward for yourself after your appointment can calm the tension you may be feeling during your exam.


  • Bring a friend with you

At our open MRI appointments, we allow patients to bring a friend, or family member with them. Having someone familiar to talk to during a scan has been beneficial for patients in the past, and we don’t mind the company!


When it comes to Open MRI’s at Pueblo, there really is nothing to worry about. We know how hard it can be to step foot in our doors on the day of your appointment, so remember these tips the next time you get an MRI. With these tricks, you may actually ENJOY getting your next MRI. If you need an appointment at Open MRI of Pueblo, contact us for an appointment.

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