Beer: Good for the Soul, Good for the Bones

Beer: Good for the Soul, Good for the BonesAre you the kind of person who justifies your happy hour? “Well, I skipped dessert…I had a long week…It’s Friday!”

Now, you add “It’s for my health” to the list.

Thanks to, we found out about this new study that suggests “beer is a significant source of dietary silicon, a key ingredient for increasing bone mineral density.”

The research was done at the Department of Food Science & Technology at the University of California.

Although the brewing properties have not been extensively studied, the researchers have explored a wide range of beer types and their respective silicon content. They’ve also explored the other raw materials and their impact.

The silicon in beer is actually a “soluble form of orthosilicic acid (OSA),” which is important in the development of bone and connective tissue. Based on this research, it could be possible that moderate beer consumption can help fight osteoporosis.

The silicon comes, mostly, from the barley in beer, and they’re usually recognized because it’s the paler beers. The darker beers, like malts, have significantly less silicon. Still, silicon is also found in hops, so the more hops, the more silicon.

You can read more about the study here.

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