MRI 101: How To Be Prepared For Your Open MRI


MRI 101 (1)At Open MRI of Pueblo, we know a thing or two about MRI’s. With years of MRI experience to rely on, we can confidently say that one of the most asked frequently questions at our facility is, “How do I prepare for an MRI?”. Here’s how:


Day of your procedure

  1. Depending on what time your procedure is during the day, make sure to just keep your day as normal as possible. There isn’t a specific day-of preparation for an MRI, just be calm and remind yourself that it’s a normal day – nothing to sike yourself out over.


Once you get to our office

  1. Arrive at your appointment at least 15-30 minutes before your scheduled appointment in order to fill out the patient forms.
  2. Make sure you aren’t wearing any metal on your body. Also, tell the MRI technician about any implants or special medical devices that are on your body.
  3. You will be offered a hospital gown to change into for the procedure.



During your scan

  1. Now that you’re ready to lay down for your MRI just think happy thoughts.
  2. If you are claustrophobic let the MRI technician know and ask for anything that will make you more comfortable. Music, family, friends, etc.
  3. Close your eyes, and think of your favorite place, maybe even doze off. We also let you bring your own music to listen to and a friend to comfort you to your exam.



Post procedure

  1. Change out of your gown and back into your normal clothes
  2. Remember everything that may have been left outside of the scan room, including any metal objects, such as, belts, jewelry, and credit cards.
  3. Now go and treat yourself! There is no specific post procedure steps to take, but we encourage you to give yourself a treat for getting your MRI!


See? MRI’s are nothing to be stressed about. They are simple and quick procedures. Have any questions about open MRI’s? Call us anytime at (719) 404-0991.


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