New Year, Same Quality Care


new-year-1The New Year, everything seems to change in a New Year. People promise to make changes, businesses promise better quality, and more. However, at Open MRI of Pueblo, we believe that some things should never change. It’s a New Year but we still have the same quality care that we have had for years.


Open MRI

We provide open MRI’s instead of closed MRI’s because we believe patient comfort should always come first. The OASIS, our open MRI machine, is a high field performance machine that can perform advanced clinical procedures, and benefits for the patient. These benefits include, faster scan times, increased patient comfort, and the ability for family members to be present in the room with the patient.


Low Prices


Our low prices cannot be beat. Our partner SaveOn medical allows our patients to see the prices we provide and compare them to others in the area. It also allows patients to save nearly $1,000 every time they pay online.


The Doctors


Our doctors, Dr. Domson, and Dr. Lord, are highly experienced in their field. Both having over 20 years of experience in radiology, there are no other doctors that are more qualified to read your scans. We are so happy to have them with us at Open MRI of Pueblo.


So, remember, even though it’s the New Year, we are proud to say that we are keeping our same quality care into 2017. So if you’re curious to see how we operate, come and see us.





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