You Could Save Up to $3,000 on an MRI

One of our newest patients actually lives 6 hours away, but he’s coming to our facility anyway because we will save him $4,800.

A new article from Colorado Public News explains that this extreme gap in pricing isn’t all that uncommon.

Medical professionals agree: an MRI is essentially the same thing no matter where you go. While paying more for a hotel stay might warrant a nicer room, an MRI scan does not offer better or worse quality based on price.

So why does a shoulder MRI at Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs cost $3,460, while other facilities, like ours, cost around $600 for the exact same test?

Some hospitals claim that the higher cost covers the facility being open 24 hours/day, others claim to have the “best” and “newest” state-of-the-art equipment (even though, again, it all produces the same image), and, still, others simply refuse to comment on the matter.

The president of the Colorado Medical Society, Dr. Michael Pramenko, says “In health care, we’ve sort of locked out the ability for consumers to determine costs for procedures.” Have you ever tried to get a straightforward price from a hospital? No one will answer you. Price transparency is hard to come by.

“Many consumers will check half a dozen gas stations for a few cents difference in price, but would never think they could save thousands of dollars by checking prices for a medical test like an MRI.”

Shopping around for medical care is just like shopping around for gas. Many people don’t realize they can get the same quality of care at a much lower price. Instead, they forego medical care because they think they can’t afford it.

Don’t let prices dictate what care you receive. Take care of yourself. You can afford it if you look around on sites like, or call us for an appointment today.

You can watch the video here.

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